Physicians rallying for climate action

Over the summer, between wildfires, flooding and the heat dome, we have seen first hand how our health is tied to that of our environment. The evidence around climate change and its ramification is clearer than ever – as a result, in September, over 230 medical journals, including the NEJM, the Lancet, and the CMAJ published a joint editorial calling for emergency action to limit global temperature increases, restore biodiversity, and protect health.

On November 4th, 2021, for the first time in Canada, a group of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals will be gathering in front of the BC Legislature in Victoria to ask for urgent action on this climate and ecological crisis. Guest speakers (including our newly-appointed VCH Regional Medical Director for Planetary Health, Dr Andrea MacNeill!) will be speaking to how the climate and ecological crisis is a health emergency. Using our physician voices can be an incredibly impactful way to leverage our social capital to advocate for the health of all our patients.

Please visit to find out more about this event and sign up.