What To Expect

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, our office has been conducting visits via Telehealth and direct phone calls to patients. Please make sure that your phone plan allows calls from blocked or private numbers so that our specialists can get in touch with you. If you have had any issues with this, please contact your mobile carrier or provide us with an alternate phone number prior to your appointment.

All patients must be referred to our surgical group by a medical practitioner. Referrals are viable for 6 months. Appointments are scheduled based on waitlist order as well as degree of urgency. Wait times differ depending on the surgeon, and can be up to 12 months for patients referred for benign cases. When an appointment is scheduled, the referring physicians are notified.

Upon arriving at our clinic, all new patients are given a Patient Demographic Form as well as a Pre-Anesthetic Patient Questionnaire. To expedite this process, patients can print out these two forms and fill them out prior to their consultation appointments. Please be advised that no surgical procedures are performed during consultation appointments.

It is advised that patients bring a list of medications, their medical information, as well as their BC Care Card (if applicable). All patients must confirm their appointments at least one week in advance to prevent cancellation. Please also account for traffic, parking, and wayfinding. If the patient is more than 15 minutes late with no prior notice, they are considered a no-show and will need to be rebooked. Moreover, if the patient has difficulty communicating in English, it is strongly recommended that an adult interpreter be present for their consultation.

Our surgeons work at multiple surgical facilities depending on the nature of the procedures. Our surgeries are held at the BC Cancer Agency, the VGH Jim Pattison building, or the UBC Hospital. All patients slated for surgery must complete the Pre-Anesthetic Patient Questionnaire prior to their surgery date. They may also be sent for routine bloodwork and other pre-operative procedures as per the physician’s request. All patients are also contacted by the Pre-Anesthetic Clinic for pre-surgical assessment.

Most minor surgery appointments are scheduled for Wednesday mornings. These appointments usually do not require any preparation. However, if undergoing a muscle biopsy, please also send a muscle biopsy request form along with a referral.

For a full list of PDF resources, please visit Resources.